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Sustainability: Human Capital Management

Supporting Employee Development
We understand successful employee development helps to create a working environment that promotes innovation, self-discipline, problem-solving and teamwork. We support employee development through:
Understanding and planning for employees' training and education needs
Providing resources for training and education internally or externally
Setting target training and education requirements according to employment level and specialty
Recording keeping of employee training and education
Continuously reviewing training and education requirements to support the company's needs

It is no doubt that human resources is one of our most valuable assets. We endeavor to:
support employee development
develop and communicate clear employment guidelines

Employment Guidelines
The essential components of the Company's employment guidelines include:
Employment by contract
Compliance with labor laws including payment of minimum wage, overtime wage, social security dues, medical and accident insurance
Employee recruiting guideline including integrity undertaking
Equal opportunity employment without any discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, marital status and disability
Nonuse of child, prison or forced labor
Attention to female employees and special occupations
Right to form Worker's Union
Procedure in responding to employee complaints
Emergency response plan
Accuracy of attendance record including overtime control
Discipline and order
Attention to welfare, accommodation, food hygiene and medical examination

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