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Sustainability: Governance Encompasses

Fook Tin believes that sound Corporate Governance encompasses:

  • Having management systems and processes that make a company more accountable to shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Having systems and processes that consists of all important features of Sustainable Development, that are applicable to Fook Tin
  • Having such policies, systems and processes built for continuous improvement and making them transparent to stakeholders to the extent possible

Fook Tin emphasizes corporate governance by including the "Sustainable Development" reporting on its website. In addition, we strongly believe in business ethics by adhering to Employee and Business Code of Conducts.

Fook Tin deeply believes that honesty, fairness and integrity are important values to the company, employees and business colleagues. In respect of this matter, Fook Tin establishes Codes of Conducts to employees and business colleagues , which include the following principles:

  • Anti-corruption
  • Fair and open competition
  • Supplier management including Integrity Undertaking
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest against employees and business colleagues
  • Financial Integrity
  • Guidelines to prohibit employees from requesting or offering gift and gratuity, the engagement of loan and gambling activities with business colleagues that may affect business decisions
  • Proper use of Company's name, resources and properties, including trademark and intellectual properties
  • Prevention and prohibition of disclosing confidential information or trade secrets
  • Abiding by the law, and prohibiting unlawful, improper, or unethical activities

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