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About Us: Company Milestones

1950 - 1990

1991 - 2000

2001 - 2010

  Mr. Man-Chung Chai established Fook Tin Plastic Factory, which manufactured plastic toys, and decorative plants, fruits and flowers.

  70's to 80's, Fook Tin continued its development of mechanical and battery-operated consumer items such as battery-operated shavers, vacuum cleaners, tire inflators, mechanical kitchen scales, and battery operated or rechargeable lanterns.

Fook Tin was one of the first manufacturers in Hong Kong to develop battery-operated lanterns. Some of these items are still being sold worldwide today.

  Mr. Man-Chung Chai originated designed and developed Fook Tin's first mechanical kitchen scale. It put Fook Tin in leading position in consumer scale business market and the industry.

  Fook Tin was incorporated in Hong Kong as a limited liability company, Fook Tin Plastic Factory Limited.

  Fook Tin put its manufacturing operations gradually from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China.

  Mr. Sunny Chai joined Fook Tin and assisted in applying modern management systems such as computerized integrated manufacturing system and quality system etc to the company. He also consolidated the product ranges to define market position of core product lines.

  Fook Tin established its manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China with 150 workers in the beginning.

Began the in-house operation of assembling electronic PCBA.

Upon the clear market positioning of core product lines, mechanical kitchen scales was well accepted by the market due to the product quality and the right target strategy.

  Fook Tin was the only manufacturer of its kind in Hong Kong passing the French standard of mechanical scales imported into France.

Started the research and development of electronic scales.
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