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Certificates: ISO 14001

In July 2002, Fook Tin was certified in ISO 14001. This earmarked Fook Tin's achievement in its environmental management system.

ISO 14001 encourages tangible steps towards sustainable development which would allow ongoing economic prosperity without compromising future generations. Fook Tin actively implements economically viable programs that reduce the adverse environmental impacts of their operations, which allows sustained benefits for all parties.

ISO 14001 provides an organization with a defined structure to allow the confident and effective management of environmental issues by:

Establishing a policy and awareness that good environmental performance is a strategic objective of the organization

Focusing on the prevention of waste and pollution and on continual improvement of environmental performance

Systematic analysis, planning, control and monitoring of all activities that may affect environmental performance

Assisting companies to more effectively meet legislative and regulatory requirements

Demonstrating to regulations, stakeholders and other interested third parties that a formal environmental management system is perceptional and effective ISO 14001 was designed to be compatible with other management standards, particularly the widely used ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

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